Kara’s 15 Tips & Tricks For The LuxyTraveler

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff!
  2. Splurge – even if you are on a budget – indulge in one great thing – a dinner, a handbag, an amazing apertif!
  3. Venture outside your comfort zone! You’ll be surprised how much you love trying something new!
  4. Meet some cool locals – wander into a place that you might not normally go
  5. Embrace your hotel owner or GM – buy them a drink, they love to be the ambassador of their city and their hotel!
  6. Ask to meet the chef! Buy the chef a drink!   (are you seeing a theme here?)
  7. Don’t over plan your schedule! Getting lost in the streets of Italy and finding the best pizza in town – YES PLEASE!
  8. Take advice – I am here to guide you
  9. Treat people right and tip well!
  10. Ask a local– favorite pub, chocolate shop or swanky venue
  11. “Dealers Choice” – this is one of my favorite phrases! Which means the bartender, chef or really any other hospitality person selects something for you.   Get out of your comfort zone, its fun!
  12. Practical advice – visit all of your local beauty stores for beauty samples. Save space in your luggage by not packing all those full size items
  13. Look fabulous! (Always)   Pack a Hermes scarf, some fun jewelry and a small inexpensive handbag
  14. Bring a taste home – local salts, honey, candy or something special from the region – these items will mean so much when you go to enjoy them months after you get home. You can then save small jars or containers to repurpose.  One of my favorite keepsakes was a salt jar that I now use as a flower vase! 
  15. STAY LUXY!